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New Year? Old problem!

String sets for 
Weissenborn-style guitars

I’m getting more and more inquiries 
concerning strings for Weissenborn-style 

Q.: Can you recommend any ready-packed 
string sets for Weissenborn guitars?
A.: No! Some I just don’t like and some 
should bear a big red warning label.

My instruments are set up for open D tuning 
and I use Thomastik Brightbronze or 
Plectrum single strings and sometimes 
Martin SP MA540 (0.012 replaced by 0.014).

Tension wise, I try to stay as close as 
possible to 11.5 kg (25.35lb) per string.
Here are the tension calculators that I use:

I have to admit that higher tensioned 
strings are easier to control, but what 
you gain in control you might lose in tone.



It’s that time again!

I’m not talking about Christmas.
It’s the time of shrinking tops and protruding 
frets. Here is an online calculator that might 
help you to keep your instruments safe during 
the cold season.

The air around your guitar should contain no 
less than 7.8 g/m3 of water.

Some species of wood are more prone to 
cracking –Brazilian Rosewood and spruce 
are at the top of the list.

Backs for future ukuleles!

New homepage and new neighbors

Hope you like my new site!
Please don't look for details.
Better call me or send me an

Love my new neighbors, very friendly - as long 
as you stay on your side of the fence.

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