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Started instrument making in 1988.
Apprenticeship in Santa Barbara
(James A. Wimmer), Rödgen (Martin
Seeliger and his crew) and Rosdorf.
Opened my own workshop in Rosdorf
in 1992, teamed up with Moritz Sattler
to form Manzanita Guitars in 1993.
Jörg Driesner joined Manzanita Guitars
in 1996.
Meeting Martin Huch in 1993 led to the
first HR hollow neck resophonic.
Was introduced to David Lindley and
Max Lässer in 1998. The same year I
was invited to build a resophonic Guitar
for Günter Pauler and Chris Jones
Since then I have not stopped working
for Max Lässer and Günter Pauler.
Both of them have given me new ideas
and projects that keep me going.

Around 2000 both Moritz and Jörg left
Manzanita for new jobs.

Moved my workshop to Uslar in 2008.

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